HFIP Experimental Products

HFIP Experimental Products

WARNING: These webpages contain experimental analysis and forecast guidance of unknown accuracy and reliability.
This guidance is not intended to replace official advisory, forecast, and warning products issued by the National Hurricane Center and your local National Weather Service Forecast Office. Outside of the United States, please also refer to products issued by your national meteorological service.
For official forecasts consult the National Hurricane Center

~~~ US HFIP research forecast products are created Aug 1 through Nov 1 ~~~
HFIP Product Overview
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Deterministic Model Output

Winds, Vorticity, Temperture, Temp Anomaly, Press & Thickness, Height, Cross sections

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Model Storm Tracks

TC Intensity, Tracks, Probabilities from TCMT

ENS Tracks

Ensemble Storm Tracks

Google Maps with ensemble tracks, intensity

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Ensemble Model Probability

Plots of storm genesis probabilities, wind speed probabilities

More Ensembles

Ensemble Model Output -- 2016 and earlier

Postage stamp images of ten, or more, model members

Model Details

Model Specification

Table summarizing model resolution, levels, radiation, initialization, etc

Model Details

Product Guide

Guide to products as well as summary of project objectives, goals, methods, resouces, etc