Product instructions to generate HFIP product images for

Here are general instructions on how to generate product images for HFIP to share model output on
HFIP Product descriptions are available
    On the user-side:
  1. Each individual group will run our KSH driver script that generates all products using GrADS. The driver script will generate a TAR archive with all the products and place that archive in some user-specified directory.
  2. Each group will then give us the path to their personal directory where they will keep all their TAR archives throughout the season.
  3. Image generation script is run at the end of the workflow
  4. Script information
    On the operations-side:
  1. Each team will place their images in a specific directory.
  2. The "ophfip" users will use "ls" to list the contents of each directory. It will compare the TAR-ZIP files listed to a list of previously processed TAR-ZIP files. Only those TAR-ZIP files that haven't been processed will be retained for the next step.
  3. The "ophfip" user will extract those new TAR-ZIP files inside the "determine" directory in the staging area. This will automatically update the staging area with the latest image files. The TAR-ZIP files that were extracted will be added to the processed TAR-ZIP files list and ignored in future iterations.
  4. The "ophfip" user will then invoke rsync, which will push only the NEW image files in the staging area to This process can be run as a cron job 4 times per hour